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If you wish to exchange links, please first add our site using the information below to your website. Then contact me (Ivan) via e-mail with your website info. As long as your website is video game related it will most likely be accepted. And it shouldn't take more than 1 week for me to add it. If your website is not video game related however, I may choose to reject the exchange.

Site Name: Game Movie Database
Description: Game Movies Database is a website providing free-to-watch video game all cutscenes movies. Game movies are cutscenes and story related gameplay edited into a movie format for people to enjoy the story of a game like watching a movie, TV series, or animation series.

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If you are interested to become an Affiliate and have your site displayed on the Affiliate section of my site (at bottom right corner of every page), send me (Ivan) an e-mail first with your site information. I will review it and let you know if your site is qualified. Once I have approved your site, I will add your site under the Affiliate section as you do the same for GMDb. Yes you will need to have an Affiliate section either on your homepage or if you use a blog, a link section on all pages of your blog.