What are game movies?

Game movies are movies made out of video game cutscenes and gameplay. Depending on the director's style, but generally they include all the cutscenes from a game and also gameplay parts (such as dialogues and boss fights) that help bridge the cutscenes in order for the story to flow. The end result being letting you watch a game's story like watching a movie, TV series, or animation series.

What are some reasons or benefits in watching a game movie?

Many video games these days tell an amazing story and have incredible visuals at the same time. Unfortunately, video games are normally associated as something kids or teenagers "play" so many people miss out on an entire platform with the ability to deliver great stories.

Also, even amongst gamers, there simply are way too many games that nobody can ever play them all and see all of their stories. Sometimes just one game can take up to 50 to 100 hours to finish. Anyone who works a full-time job won't have the time to spare on many games.

And that's where we come in. Game movie directors can edit a 50 hours playthrough into a 10 hours movie with all the cutscenes and essential story gameplay parts. Now people can easily enjoy the stories of games like watching a movie or TV series.

How come some game movies have very little gameplay while some have a lot more gameplay?

That depends on the director's preference. Some game movie directors want to give people a more cinematic experience to include only all the cutscenes and as little gameplay parts as possible. While other directors want to provide the complete in depth story of a game without missing any story details. And some directors fall in between.

And throughout my many years of experience making game movies on YouTube, I can safely say that both styles have its target audience. Some prefer a more cinematic style while some prefer to see every story detail.

On the Directors page I see Partnered Directors and Guest Directors. What's the difference?

Partnered Directors are directors who work closely with GMDb. Whenever possible we feature a Partnered Director's game movie on the site. Guest Directors are YouTubers who make quality game movies that I want to give exposure to. Sometimes I would feature their game movie over a Partnered Director's when it has top notch editing. But most of the times I only feature their game movies when none of the Partnered Directors have made a game movie out of those games yet.

How can I get my channel to be featured on the Directors page under Guest Directors?

If you are an active game movie maker and you make quality game movies (HD video resolution, good editing etc), you may send me (Yic) an e-mail at: yic1785@gmail.com. I will look over your channel and let you know if we're interested in featuring it on our site.

How do I become a Partnered Director?

We are not recruiting any partners at the moment. To become a partner means to work closely with the other partners on this website. So aside from the most basics of being an active game movie maker who makes quality game movies, you will most likely need to specialize in a genre or type of games that the current partners are not specialized in so we can put up different contents on the site. Anyway, if you really want to become a partner, then I recommend try to become a guest director (as described in the last question) first so we know of your contents and can follow your channel. In the future if we see potential for partnership then we may let you know.

How do I become an affiliate?

Check out the links page for more information regarding affiliation.

How do I contact GMDb?

You can send me (Yic) an e-mail at: yic1785@gmail.com. Or you can write to us on our FacebookTwitter or Google+.