GMDb (Game Movie Database) is a website featuring free-to-watch game movies (Or all cutscenes movies). We aim to become the no.1 source on the internet to provide the highest quality game movies by the most talented game movie makers on YouTube.

Game movies are basically video game cutscenes and story related gameplay footages edited into a movie format for the purpose of allowing you to enjoy the story of a game like watching a movie, TV series, or animation series.

The site was originally founded by Yic in January, 2007 by the name of Video Games Heaven. In 2015, it was re-branded to GMDb (Game Movie Database) to imitate the popular movie website IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

The Webmaster

Hi there, this is Yic, the webmaster of Game Movie Database. My real name is Ivan. Video games and movies are two of my most passionate hobbies.

For video games, my favorite genre is RPG (role playing games). I love games like Final Fantasy, Persona, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls etc. I think they are creatively inspiring and always have amazing art and graphics. They usually also have meaningful, emotional, and epic storylines that I really enjoy.

As for movies, some of my favorites are Fight Club, The Matrix, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Star Trek reboot, District 9 etc. With my love towards video games and movies, that's why I am here to present you with Game Movie Database, a place where video games transform into movies!